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Tuition & Scholarships

Fees Required for Enrollment

There are two options available for tuition at IMPACT Academy for the 2024-2025 school year.

Option 1: $16,900 per child. Includes three (3) 30-minute sessions per week (in school) of occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, music therapy, or behavioral services.

Option 2: $13,900 per child, no therapies included.

Enrollment Fee: $200 for new students, $150 for returning students.

Team Analysis & Plan: $550, required for Option 1. Includes team meetings among therapists, teachers and annual Individual Developmental Plan / Multi-Disciplinary Therapy Plan meetings, and evaluations of education, behavior, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and/or music therapy, if warranted.

A $35 service charge will be applied for all returned checks. A $1/minute fee will also be charged for late pickup, starting at 3:01 daily.

For monthly payments, enrollment in an online payment system will be required with a fee of $50.

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There are currently two primary options for students with special needs to receive funding to attend a private school. The level of scholarship funding is subject to change each year, with amounts set annually by the State of Florida and announced in July of each year. Starting with the 2022-2023 school year, all McKay Scholarship recipients will transition to the FES-UA (Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities), formerly known as the Gardiner Scholarship. This means that going forward, the only scholarship for students with special needs will be the FES-UA. Additional information is provided below.

How much is the average scholarship amount?

The amount of a child’s scholarship is dependent on a number of different factors, including grade level, county of residence and a student’s individual level of need. The average full scholarship amount is approximately $10,000. The percentage of scholarship a student qualifies depends on the date eligibility is confirmed by the scholarship funding organization.

  • September 1 – 100%
  • November 1 – 75%
  • February 1 – 50%
  • April 1 – 25%

McKay Scholarship Changes

The McKay Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities will no longer exist after June 30, 2022, as McKay students transition to the FES-UA program.

Current McKay students will not need to re-qualify to participate in FES-UA, but their family will need to select a Scholarship Funding Organization (SFO) to work with and follow that SFO’s process to indicate their intent to continue using the FES-UA scholarship. More updates to come as we continue working with the FLDOE on this transition.

The FES-UA program is structured differently than the McKay program. It is an Educational Savings Account (ESA). This structure allows parents/guardians to customize their student’s education and covers multiple expense categories beyond just private school tuition and fees.

Additional notes:

  • Step Up for Students is developing ways to educate families with students attending private schools on the importance of prioritizing their scholarship dollars for their private school tuition and fees.
  • While the FLDOE will continue to have final eligibility determination, the SFO will set up accounts for each student and will disburse payments based on the parent’s request and approval.
  • Payments will be made by the SFOs, not the FLDOE.
  • Payments to providers, including schools, from Step Up will be made via ACH transfer.
  • Step Up is creating a new platform for parents/guardians to manage their student’s scholarship account, including the ability to approve payments to providers. This new platform will also make the scholarship experience easier for schools.
    • Be on the lookout for more information about this new platform this spring!
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What's to Come

  • The FLDOE will begin communication with McKay families after the beginning of the new calendar year.
  • Step Up for Students will communicate with our school as they work through this process with the FLDOE.
    • Step Up is committed to and working toward an easy and simple process for McKay families to transition to FES-UA.
    • McKay families will need to provide an “intent to continue” annually to receive additional scholarship dollars every year. For Step Up, that will be done by creating a family profile within our system and then confirming the intent to continue using the scholarship for each student currently receiving the McKay Scholarship.
    • We are working with an advisory council of schools and organizations to ensure family and school needs are met during this transition.
  • An easier and more efficient payment process with Step Up.
    • More details to come!
  • One payment schedule for your students with unique abilities.
    • Scholarship payments for FES-UA students will be sent to the SFOs no later than Sept. 1, Nov. 1, Feb. 1, and April 1 each year. The SFOs have up to seven days to distribute the funds into the students’ accounts.
    • All payments require parent approval before being distributed to providers/schools.
I am proud to be a part of a team that puts others in front of themselves.
Lawrence Mvrica
IMPACT Foundation Board Member
The positive energy the staff brings to the center every day, helps you know your little one is being well taken care of. Everyone at the center have truly become a part of our family now and we will be forever grateful for each and every one of them. Everything is so great that now we are also looking forward to their after school program!
Caitlin Huard
I can’t say enough great things about The Summer Escape program! Trusting people when you have a child with special needs is often a scary thing. You want to make sure the people surrounding your little one are kind, caring, and able keep them safe. We are so lucky to have found this program and love all of the people who help run things.
Caitlin Huard
The most comforting aspect as a parent, is knowing that my son is in an environment where he can learn and is understood. I am very thankful for the school's mission to educate kids with learning differences and the teachers and administrators that make this happen every day.
Shacarra Sigler
We struggled with the school placement decision, because we wanted to find the right school that would be a good fit for our son. I am so glad that we chose IMPACT. [...] His teachers have been amazing, and we have seen progress in his ability to focus, independently complete classroom assignments, appropriately interact socially, and speech improvement. They have put the time and effort towards his individual needs, and we are reaping the rewards.
Shacarra Sigler
We struggled with the school placement decision, because we wanted to find the right school that would be a good fit for our son. I am so glad that we chose IMPACT; they are so helpful, caring, and understand my son’s specific needs. They have accommodated his needs on so many levels, which I believe would have been unmet at other schools.
Shacarra Sigler
The environment is inclusive, safe and our son looks forward to his sessions. We are very thankful for the summer camp programs. The VPK program was amazing for him as well.
Teresa Corbet
Our son has a rare genetic syndrome, delayed development and learning disabilities. We have been bringing him to IMPACT Tallahassee since he was 1-year-old and he will soon be 10. The staff in the office, the teachers, the aides are all amazing with the children; I'm very impressed with their professionalism and compassion. I personally recommend IMPACT to people on a regular basis.
Teresa Corbet
IMPACT Tallahassee and their staff have become such an important part of our lives over the last 9 years. We couldn't imagine not being there on a weekly basis.
Teresa Corbet